Online University for Campus Management
Olga M. Alegre, Luis M. Villar

The aim of the proposal Online University for Campus Management (OUCM) is the combination of planning, improvement, and assessment of online management in five steps for university teaching and learning. A virtual university information processing system begins at the e-campus phase (stage 1), where university personnel start with digital data in several forms: texts, numbers, graphics, sounds, and videos. As the university, personnel move forward, data are organised and presented as e-learning modules (stage 2). These modules denote a dialogic structure of an e-campus as a repository of compiled thinking, social and psychomotor data, which are derived by means of social interaction (stage 3). This stage represents the point at which the university personnel give specific meaning to information. A new stage emerges: online assessment (stage 4). Appraisal and feedback can be used as the basis for faculty e-development and inquiry (stage 5). As a result, the campus-inquiry model reaches utility within the development of an OUCM campus paradigm.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n2a17