An Analysis of Local and Target Culture Integration in the English Textbooks for Senior High School in Palembang
Indawan Syahri, Rini Susanti

This study aimed to find out the percentage of local culture integration and target culture integration in the English textbooks for senior high school in Palembang. This research design was a content analysis with 4058 paragraphs and 2587 pictures as the study data. The procedure of analyzing the data started by classifying the data into local or target culture division, then it was analyzed based on Byram’s cultural content checklist (1993) while the pictures were simply classified into local culture or target culture. The result of the analysis was made in the form of percentage. The results show that for analysis of the paragraph, from nine books series with different publisher analyzed in this study, five of the books have higher percentage of Local Culture which presented through reading passage, Mean while, under pictures analysis, six of them promote more salient in Target Culture.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n2a11