Mathematical Modeling in Problem Situations of Daily Life
Rafael Pantoja Rangel, María de Lourdes Guerrero Magaña, Ricardo Ulloa Azpeitia, Elena Nesterova

The study focuses on the elements involved in mathematical modeling. Some of the problem situations dealt with include the following: athletics, throwing a ball, the time it takes to warm up a car or an oven, filling and emptying containers, cycling, the movement of a wheel as it turns upon its axis or that turns without skidding, a pendulum, a real and a toy car, the movement of a motorcycle. The video that was taped by the students was treated using the Tracker software and analyzed in order to relate the verbal, graphic, analytical and numerical approaches with the problem situation chosen by each collaborative group. We have concluded that this manner of working generates knowledge, interest in learning mathematics individually and collaboratively, as well as fostering values the likes of punctuality, honesty, responsibility and respect, to mention only a few, all of which are so necessary in current society.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n1a7