Level of Empowerment of Teachers of Gifted Students in Schools of King Abdullah II for Excellence, Jordan
Burhan M. Hamadneh

The present study sought to identify the level of empowerment of teachers of gifted students in Jordan, and to detect the statistical differences due to the variables of (gender, years of experience and scientific qualification). The study sample consisted of (80) male and female teachers who were randomly selected from schools of King Abdullah II for Excellence in governorates of Amman, Al-Zarqa and Al-Salt. School Participant Empowerment Scale by Short and Rinehart (1992) was utilized after verifying its validity and reliability to achieve the study objectives. The study resulted that the mean of teacher empowerment was (4.04) with high level of empowerment. The results also showed no statistically significant differences on the empowerment scale and its domains due to the difference of variables (gender, years of experience and scientific qualification). The study recommended that correlation studies should be conducted to identify the relationship between the teacher empowerment for gifted students and some variables such as job satisfaction, creative behavior and job commitment.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n1a27