The Efficacy of Social Studies Teachers’ Competence in the Use of Playway Method in Lower Primary Schools in Osun State, Nigeria
Dr. B. A Adeyemi

The study assessed Social Studies teachers’ competence in the use of playway method in lower primary Social Studies classroom in Osun State, Nigeria. It examined their knowledge, competence and factors that might influence their competence in the use of playway method in Social Studies classroom. The study adopted qualitative descriptive research design. Nursery and Primary school teachers in Osun State constituted the population for the study. One hundred and fifty-six (156) teachers were sampled using stratified sampling technique based on rural and urban schools as strata. A questionnaire titled Teachers’ Use of Playway Method of Teaching (TUPMT) was developed and validated before use by the investigator. Three research questions were asked and answered, and three research hypotheses were tested and verified. Among others, the results showed that Social Studies teachers possessed only fair knowledge of Playway method. They equally possessed very high level of competence in the use of playway method. However, their gender has no significant influence on their competences. The study recommended among others, that teachers should be very fast and knowledgeable in the use of playway method of teaching which could be enhanced through self effort, seminars, symposia, workshop and in-service training to mention but a few.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n1a25