Domestic Climate of Spanish Families with 6 to 14 Year-Old Children, Depending on the Type of Family (Conventional, Reconstructed, Single Parent and Adoptive)
Petra Mª Pérez Alonso-Geta, Mª Carmen Bellver Moreno

The present-day family has been one of the most transformed social organisations in the last decade, due to the adaptation to changing social situations, resulting in new forms of families, which necessarily involve new ways of relation between its members. In order to do this, the domestic climate of those families with children between 6 and 14 is analysed, considering that this stage is key to the transition from childhood to adolescence. The sample universe is defined as Spanish households (nuclear, single-parent, reconstituted and adoptive parents) in which children from 6 to 14 years old reside. In the study different variables have been analysed that affect the "family atmosphere", such as the relationship between parents and children and among siblings, and also with their peers, in addition to analysing the main sources of conflict between parents and children, different family profiles are provided in relation to the different types of families analysed. It is important to emphasise that, in our study, all the family types analysed state that although there is a nice "family climate" and good communication among them, single-parent families show an increased social and educational risk. In addition, they claim social and economic measures to improve family life and the possibility of reconciling, with flexible working hours, both work and family life

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v5n1a17