Understanding the Impact of Developmental Literacy Coursework: A Student’s Journey through Developmental Learning
Stephanie Rincon

The following paper describes one student’s journey through developmental programs, designed for students in high school and those who have dropped out, with a focus on literacy development. It includes the student’s personal feelings of developmental education and what it means to him to be considered a developmental student. This paper will include a brief life/educational history of the student, his experiences with reading and writing, and final reflections from both the student and me. This paper follows a poetic/arts-based inquiry methodology. It will include different forms of poetry that help express the student’s feelings and understandings of taking developmental courses, and being labeled a developmental learner, which have evolved from my interviews with the student. The poems were also inspired by my own understanding and research on developmental learning, policies and programs. This manuscript is meant to shed light on the more personal or human side of developmental literacy programs. The focus in one student’s personal thoughts and experiences of his developmental learning journey. (The student’s name used in this paper is a pseudonym. It was changed for confidentiality reasons.)

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n4a27