“Disconcertments in Knowledge Practices in Teacher Educations: Collaborative Interrelations in Shared Rooms.”
Torun Granstrøm Ekeland, Kirsten Elisabeth Stien

The purpose for this article is to encourage disconcertment as a methodological approach to make generative dynamics in shared communication settings where disparate knowledge practices engage with each other. The main findings are drawing from a case where students performed their experiences of being students in practice. We ask for moments of epistemic shaking that also recognize our own constrains of knowledge in the interrelation that emerge for us. We discuss two areas of disconcertments. The first is the performance of singularity and homogeneity we explored, and the second is the process of making coherence between national and local curricula. We found some postcolonial generative movements in both areas that can open other avenues for collaboration that also acknowledge heterogeneity and multiple ways of knowing in shared rooms.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n3a21