Relative Effectiveness of Learning-Cycle Model and Inquiry-Teaching Approaches in Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes in Physics
AKINWUMI Mojeed Olaoluwa, BELLO Theodora Olufunke (Ph.D.)

The study compared the effectiveness of Learning-Cycle Approach (LCA) and Inquiry -Teaching Approach (ITA) in improving students’ academic performance in Physics. It also determined the effectiveness of the instructional strategies in enhancing retention of Physics concepts; and established their effectiveness in improving students’ attitude to Physics. These were with a view to improving students learning outcomes in Physics. The study adopted the non-equivalent pre-test, post-test control group design. The study sample consisted of 103 Senior Secondary School two (SSSII) students in intact Physics classes selected from Gbonyin Local Government Area in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The instruments used for data collection were “Physics Achievement and Retention Test” (PART) and “Physics Attitude Questionnaire” (PAQ). The reliability coefficients of 0.86 and 0.75 were obtained for PART and PAQ respectively. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and the Scheffe’s Post Hoc analysis. The results showed that students in the experimental groups (LCA and ITA) gained higher scores than those in the control group, with the LCA being the most effective. Also, the result showed that LCA and ITA enhance students’ retention of Physics concepts with the retention test mean score of students taught using LCA being the greatest. Finally, it was revealed that LCA and ITA showed relative effectiveness in improving the students’ attitude to Physics with LCA as the most effective. The study concluded that the LCA produce significantly better performance and retention of Physics by students than ITA and TEA, this is an indication that LCA is an effective mode of instruction for Physics students. The study recommends that teacher education programmes should emphasize LCA and ITA when in Physics class; also teachers should be provided adequate training to enable them use LCA and ITA in Physics classroom so that learners would be guided to learn meaningfully and would be assisted to develop positive attitude towards Physics.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n3a18