Servant-Leadership as an Institutionalized Model in Air Force Education
Theron R. Berry

This essay analyzes existing evidence for the potential of servant leadership to positively influence military education. Research in public schools, higher institutions of learning, and military are utilized for this purpose. The evidence explored in the literature review suggests there are numerous benefits to implementing servant leadership methodology in classrooms and organizations. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze whether servant leadership in Air Force education has yielded or would yield positive changes in academic performance, mission accomplishment, leadership trust, intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and/or service to others. The summative assessment is reached that there is inconclusive evidence whether servant leadership has produced or can produce the same effects seen outside the military. It is an additional uncertainty if servant leadership and servant teaching are practices that can be adopted within the military culture. The essay concludes with suggestions for future research and future pilot studies within Professional Military Education (PME).

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2a14