Improving Pre-Service Teachers’ Readiness to Integrate Technology with Cross-Curricular Adaptations
Dr. Karen S. DiBella, Dr. Kimberly G. Williams, Dr. Louis C. Glover

Pre-service teachers preparing to teach in twenty first century classrooms must recognize the call for greater student engagement, enhanced critical thinking, and authentic, real-world application. It is widely accepted that using technology and applicable Web 2.0 tools in the classroom not only provides hands-on learning, but also can encourage collaboration and meet the myriad learning styles of diverse learners. That being said, it is imperative that the use of technology be integrated into college coursework in order to better prepare preservice teachers for their future classrooms. Researchers studied the impact that a technology integration workshop had on future teaching practices of pre service teachers using a mixed methods study. Based on responses from participants, researchers found an overwhelming amount of support that pre-service teachers not only found this hands-on workshop valuable, but also found effective tools that they feel adequately prepared to implement into future lesson plans and teaching. Additionally, the data supports the concept that pre-service teachers feel that technology can and should be readily implemented into future classrooms, used successfully in multiple content areas and for cross-curricular activities, and ultimately, feel better prepared to do so as a result of the technology workshop.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2_1a9