Roadblocks to Integrating Technology and Reading Pedagogy in Teacher Education
Fisk, Janine S.

Major findings regarding the roadblocks to the integration of technology with reading pedagogy in teacher education programs are presented. A multiple case study of four education professors over one academic year indicates that roadblocks to integrating technology into reading pedagogy revolve around the following themes: Reading competency is driven by intrinsic motivation. Current practices which neglect “real-world” reading are producing students who know how to read, but do not have the desire to read. The pressures to conform to educational mandates has created a disconnect between “good teaching” strategies and mandated school district requirements. The use of updated practices utilizing digital media is tempered by the current knowledge and self-efficacy of professors of reading education, and the inconsistent availability and/or limited technological accessibility. The overarching theme indicated that meeting the needs of today’s students by looking at education through a new lens and gaining tools and strategies for the 21st century is imperative. Professors of reading education are change agents in their own practices, Universities, surrounding schools and community.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2_1a8