Importance of Collegiate Work among Academic Women and Men of Public State Universities in México
Teresa Guzmán-Acuña, Josefina Guzmán-Acuña, Dora María Lladó Lárraga

The gender dimension in science and technology has gained increasing importance and has become a hot topic worldwide. Although indicators show an increase in the last decade in the number of women in science and research, analyzing significant gaps persist. This paper aims to analyze the productivity of academic women and men in research groups. This investigation is descriptive with a total sample of 628 Mexican Public State University Professors surveyed. Overall, percentages indicate that women are more satisfied with the decision, the results of the research group and the policy Teacher Improvement Federal Program. Men reported being more satisfied in the role they play in the research group. These groups as a collaborative space are an opportunity for relations between men and women more equal, in that gender bias break and where the work of both genders is equally potentialized. Are the research groups democratic spaces with equal opportunities for women and men?

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2_1a22