The Epidemiological Profile of Pregnancy in Adolescence against Care Policies in the Public Health System
Maria Elisa de Lacerda Faria, Priscilla Lorenzini Fernandes Oliveira, Anita Guazzelli Bernardes

This is an exploratory and descriptive study with documentary character, built from a review of publications from the Ministry of Health regarding the theme of adolescence and pregnancy. The analysis was made from the actual existing actions related to teenagers and their intersection with actions directed to women during pregnancy and how they form the basis for a teenage pregnancy epidemiological profile. When considering the genealogy of subjectivity forms, one of the vectors of analysis is the way of daily life production, not just from State policies, but from the government conduction, the ways in which they create relationship strategies and production of the subjectivity with themselves and others. Thereby, the truth systems subjectify the teenager ways of being and their sexuality exercise, changing from thinking the sexuality within the law field to thinking in the protection and control fields. It is necessary to consider the teenagers as regulators of their own sexuality and as society co producers. The conception of adolescence needs to be learned, together with the pregnancy character for the construction of care policies and practices that seek actions integrated to their potential for the purpose of changing the view faced to the teenage vulnerability.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2_1a21