The Relationship between Principals’ Humor Orientation and Leadership Effectiveness
Vali Mehdinezhad, Edris Kadkhodaie

This research has was conducted aiming at investigating the relation between humor orientation and principals’ leadership effectiveness from the perspective of teachers. The target population of the present research includes all teachers of Fanuj city and the studying case was consisted of 220 subjects (130 males and 90 females) who were chosen using stratified and simple random methods. The inventory of humor orientation of Booth-Butterfield and Booth-Butterfield (1991) and the leadership effectiveness of Jantzi and Leithwood (1996) were used in order to collect data. One-sample t-test, Pearson correlation coefficient test and enter regression analysis were used to analyze the research data. Research results showed that a significant relation exists between principals’ humor orientation and their leadership effectiveness. In addition, humor orientation predicts their leadership effectiveness.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v4n2_1a19