Math Education through the Perspective of John Dewey’s Proposals: a Possible Path?
Samuel Mendonça, Patricia Maria Barbosa J. S. Costa, Maria Auxiliadora Bueno Andrade Megid

This project has the main objective to discuss the relations and contributions of John Dewey’s theoretical and philosophical thinking on math education. Looking forward to make questions and reflections about so old proposals, but in the same time so true nowadays that the North American Philosopher, Psychologist and Pedagogue John Dewey left us as a legacy is how the problem that will guide this article has been originated: which are the possible affinities of the Dewey’s theory towards the education and the math learning inside Brazilian Schools? Dewey believes on distinguished principles for a significant education achievement. When developing math education focused on mathematical literacy, teachers need to think how to provide the students significant experiences connected to their daily routine, making possible pedagogical practices that permit student to build their own development. Then, we can comprehend how the Dewey’s ideas can be so close to what we are looking for the current education, in this case, more specifically, to the math education.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n4a23