Investigation of Inquiry-Based Science Pedagogy among Middle Level Science Teachers: A Qualitative Study
Sunny Minelli Weiland

This study implemented a qualitative approach to examine the phenomenon of “inquiry-based science pedagogy or inquiry instruction” as it has been experienced by individuals. Data was collected through online open-ended surveys, focus groups, and teacher reported self-reflections to answer the research questions: 1) How do middle level science teachers conceptualize “inquiry-based instruction?” 2) What are preferred instructional strategies for implementation in middle level science classrooms? And 3) How do middle level science teachers perceive the connection between science instruction and student learning? Findings support the need for strong, job-embedded professional development, the cultivation of learning communities dedicated to the investigation and implementation of inquiry-based science, the focusing of curricular programming to allow for in depth investigation of scientific concepts, and the commitment of time and resources to support effective science instruction. It is recommended that additional support be provided to teachers of science to engage in job shadowing, field experiences and internships to allow for the uncovering of applications of science beyond the classroom. These research findings could inform the work of the educational reformers, professional developers, teacher preparation programmers, and researchers as they aspire to improve the quality of student learning and science instruction.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n4a22