IDEA: An Alternative for Learning Problem Solving in the Course of Mechanics for Engineering Students at FICA
Viviana M. Mercado, Hugo Alarcón, Julio Benegas, Ricardo R. Monasterolo, Federico Rosales, Marcela I. Pesetti6 Sergio L. Ribotta

The objective of this study was to know the impact exerted by the implementation of a strategy known as IDEA in a collaborative learning framework for problem solving in the subject Physics I for engineering students in the School of Engineering and Agro-Livestock Sciences (FICA). Basically, the following research questions were to be answered; namely: Does the educational strategy IDEA help students to improve their performance in Physics problem solving (PS) at Physics I for the engineering courses at FICA? , and a second question: Does the problem solving capability depend on the conceptual knowledge?The design of this proposal stems as an alternative to the traditional method of transmission-assimilation with the aim of achieving a favorable impact and responding to the previously formulated questions. The results coincided a great deal with what was expected.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n4a16