Amelioration of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder’s Writing: The Usage of Electronic Journals
Huda A. Almumen

Identifying effective, evidence-based practices is essential for ensuring students’ amelioration in all aspects of learning. Since the first call of inclusively educational settings, many students with different disabilities have been gaining knowledge through the core instruction of general education classroom. Accordingly, these individuals have the right to access this type of instruction, and build their knowledge with the strategic techniques presented by the teacher to scaffold information for students, especially those with autism. The purpose of the current investigation is to review the literature that identifies pedagogical practices and empirically based strategies to ensure success of students with autism by developing their learning skills such as writing. The lack of adequate writing skill is a significant predictor of students who are at risk of failure. This is due to the fact that writing is a representative of students’ learning. This review of literature presents the effectiveness of using electronic writing journals for students with autism to improve their writing skill for more successful literal learning in inclusive environments.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n4a11