Recommendations in Child Development Textbooks for Teachers’ Developmentally Appropriate Practices
Teresa M. Mc Devitt, Chelsie A. Hess, Ryan M. Browning

Recommendations for teachers’ work with children were identified in eleven popular textbooks focused on child development. Coding yielded 2,200 recommendations. Recommendations emphasized cognition, behavioral learning, and social-emotional development; generally transcended a single age level; and typically did not refer to an underlying theory. Specific age levels were represented distinctively. Consensus practices found in six or more books concentrated on cognitive development, social-emotional development, family and community motivation, management, and self-regulation more so than on foundational principles, research and assessment, physical development, or language and literacy. Limitations and implications for future research and the preparation of teacher candidates are examined.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n3a3