Investigation of Pre-service Science Teachers’ Views and Opinions on the Use of Experiments in Science Education
Burçkin Dal, Gonca Harman, Aytekin Cokelez

The aim of this study were to investigate the methods used by pre-service science teachers when they are carrying out experiments; to see what needs to be done when test equipment’s are not sufficient, and to reveal out their views on the use of the simple tools that can be used in the experiments. To view these changes, the study has been carried out by using pre and post- test design. In the study, an open-ended questionnaire, which was analyzed by using the qualitative content analysis method, was used to determine the differences in the views of pre-service teachers before and after laboratory courses. The results showed that the important part of the pre-service teachers have stated that prior to lab practices students need to do experiments in groups, and after the lab practices, the other important part of them stated that every student should do the test individually.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n3a23