Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers' Level of Mathematical Thinking and their Attitudes toward Mathematics
Nahil M. Aljaberi

The focus of this study is to examine the pre-service elementary school teachers' mathematical thinking and their attitudes towards mathematics. The researcher also examined the correlation between the students' mathematical thinking and their attitudes toward mathematics. The study sample consisted of eighty female students. The researcher employed two types of instruments: the Attitudes towards Mathematics Inventory (ATMI) and Mathematical Thinking Test (MTT). The research results revealed 1) there was a positive correlation between students' mathematical thinking and their attitudes toward mathematics. 2) That the average students in mathematical thinking test is moderate; and students' performance is the best in the Modeling and Induction aspects. In addition, the average is weak in Mathematical Proof and Generalization. 3) The students' performance in the mathematical thinking test in some aspects varies depending on the specialization in the secondary school in favor of students of the scientific stream. 4) The performance of students on mathematical thinking test shows the growth in some aspects of mathematical thinking while moving from one academic year to another. 5) The students have positive attitudes toward mathematics.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n3a15