Teaching Orang Asli Perspectives: An Investigation of Teachers’ Perception on Landslide Hazard
Assoc. Prof. Dr Jamilah Hj Ahmad, Assoc. Prof. Dr Habibah Hj Lateh

This study investigates the teachers’ perception, understanding and strategies to educate orang asli students on landslide hazards. This study also aims to unravel effective strategies to provide information regarding landslides to the community especially the orang asli community. A survey and focus group interview were conducted to explore the teachers’ experiences, understanding and perception towards the landslide issues. The findings revealed that most of the respondents have general knowledge on landslides. They perceived landslide to be dangerous to their safety and could also harm their economic and social development. Majority of the respondents believe that video as an effective learning tool to educate students on landslides. They also believe that television is the best medium to be used to deliver information on landslides to the community.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jehd.v3n3a13