A Study on Immediate Effects of the First-Year Intervention Under the Illinois Striving Readers Project
Dimiter M. Dimitrov, Michael Frye, Sonia Jurich, Sarah Sayko, Jill Lammert

Under the Illinois Striving Readers (ISR) project, the Passport Reading JourneysIII (PRJ III) is a supplemental reading intervention for students in ninth grade who were reading below grade level. The main goal of the study described in this paper was to evaluate immediate effects of the PRJ III intervention at the end of the first implementation year (2010/11). The research questions related to this goal are addressed through the use of hierarchical linear modeling. Although the results do not provide evidence of PRJ IIIintervention effects at the end of the first year, the study findings can provide a valuable feedback to the ISR and other projects or meta-analytic studies on PRJIII interventions.

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