Academic Role of a Principal and Continuous Professional Development
A Naseeb Khan, Dr. Intakhab Alam Khan

An institution is bound to fail in case it does not have an efficient, resourceful and professionally sound leader. Leadership is a must at each level of hierarchy for effective and purposeful management. As regards principal, he is the leader, the hub of the school / college management. A lot of power vests in him, and power brings responsibilities. In order to run his institution well and realize the set goals he, as compared to his subordinates, needs to be essentially better qualified, well-versed in his subject, better conversant in up-to-date methodology of teaching and better updated on the developments in the field of administration. He should also be proficient in human relationship. For development and successful achievement of these qualities one is required to attend rigorous training sessions. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) enables them on a regular basis to negotiate the emerging issues and deal with the challenges in day to day managerial/leadership activities. The present paper is an attempt towards exploring the academic role of a principal and need of his professional development for the amelioration of the effectiveness of teachers, as also for institutional effectiveness. A self- developed questionnaire has been used to elicit the well thought responses of the teachers (sub ordinates).

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