The Use of Lexical Cohesion among TESL Post Graduate Students in Academic Writing
Siti Nor Fatimah Haris, Melor Md Yunus

This research investigates the use of lexical cohesion among TESL post graduate students in academic writing. 15 TESL post graduate students’ essay writing were collected and analyzed by the researchers to identify the types, the most and least usage of the types and also how the TESL post graduate students used lexical cohesion in their writing. The result showed that there were four types of lexical cohesion used commonly by the students such as repetition, synonym, antonym and collocation. The finding also showed that there was overused of certain types of lexical cohesion, which was repetition in the analysis apparently affects the variety of the words chosen by the students. The finding also revealed that those types of lexical cohesion created cohesiveness towards the ideas conveyed by the students in writing. The implication of this research suggested for other types of lexical cohesion to be taught to the students and avoid overused of certain types of it to enhance better flow in writing.

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