Examining the Role of Educational Leaders in Higher Education System in Papua New Guinea: Issues and Challenges
Adimuthu Ramasamy

Higher education system in Papua New Guinea (PNG)has undergone substantial changes during the past three decades as the country has transitioned to a resourcebased economy. The education system in PNG relentlessly depends on external foreign institutions that foster strategies and development and transformed the system along a continuum of combinative and absorptive higher education trajectories. The aim of this article is to examine the state of affairs of education system in PNG and the role and contributions of educational leaders toward the educational development. To this end, it is found that there has been a plethora of issues inhibiting the system of education, despite unequivocal interventions by leaders. The article highlights the imminent issues in the higher education system in PNG and the challenges faced by the educational leaders to revamp the system. Furthermore, a model has been suggested to remedy and spruce up the higher education system in PNG that might go a long way toward providing new insights and avenues of development of higher educational system.

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