Teacher Training Education Programme in Three Muslim Countries- Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan
Farah Azam, M.S.Omar Fauzee, Yaakob Daud

The main objective of the present article is to shed some lights on teacher training education programme in the context of three Muslim countries namely Islam Republic of Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan after reviewing some relevant erstwhile studies. The findings reveal that all countries under the study are under resourced particularly Afghanistan followed by Pakistan. However, in Afghanistan over all education system is miserable comparing to the education system to the other studies in particular and region in general. Alongside, economic, cultural and social problems cannot be ignored. In the light of findings of this study, it is suggested that the policy makers of all three countries should planappropriate and right policy in order to promote education. It is further advised that adequate teacher training must be arranged to prepare skilled and proficient teacher which will consequently improve student performances. Sound policies will not only help to achieve the Millennium Development Goal but will certainly play decisive role in the enhanced level of socio and economic conditions of these countries.

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