Factors that Influence the Learning of Students in their Practical Training: the Analysis of the Experience of Social Work Students
Rita Raudeli┼źnait─Ś

The goal of the article is to reveal the factors having influence on the learning of students in their practical training on the basis of the analysis of the experience of social work students. The qualitative research has been chosen. The data collection method is an unstructured written reflection. The research results have revealed the factors encouraging the learning of students in the practical training: these are a favourable reception of the student at the place of practical training, an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and obtained skills in practice and gain specific practical knowledge; a created opportunity to act independently and express himself in practice; an opportunity to acquire experience while working with different client groups of social work; purposeful and meaningful tasks; cooperation with the practice supervisor and other specialists of the institutions; positive relationships with social work clients; the reflection on the practice; the activeness of the student himself. The factors having negative influence on the learning of students in the practical training are the negative attitude towards the student in the place of his practical training, the lack of feedback, an unprofessional attitude of employees and personal weaknesses of the student.

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