TPACK: A New Dimension to EFL Teachers’ PCK
Siping Liu, Hong Liu, Yongfang Yu, Yan Li, Ting Wen

This paper focuses on the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) of English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers. The paper first addresses how technology is connected with EFL teachers’ professional knowledge and the importance of TPACK in EFL teaching. In the second section, the paper discusses four points concerning EFL teachers’ challenge in developing TPACK. These points include integration of technology into teachers’ present knowledge system, the relationship between new and old knowledge, teachers’ willingness to accept new technology and teachers’ weaker position in using new technology. The last section covers the support to develop EFL teachers’ TPACK and suggests what specific measurements should be taken. The paper concludes that the development of TPACK for EFL teachers is a connection of two sources of knowledge, i.e. the formal knowledge and skills provided and supported by schools and teaching community and the practical knowledge in using technology.

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