How Effective is E-learning in Teaching English? : A Case Study
Al-Maqtri M. A. T

The study is investigating the current state of E-learning in teaching English in the English Departments in King Khalid University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia( KSA). The case study technique is used to gather the required data. To achieve the objectives of the study eight questions are asked. The answers to each of these questions summarizes the results of the study as follows: male and female teachers both consider E-learning through Blackboard (Bb) effective. Generally speaking, both male and female students do not consider E-learning effective though females have a more positive attitude to E-learning than their male counterparts. Data show that students are not motivated to work with E-learning. Results also show that students misuse Blackboard system in large scale plagiarism. Online quizzes is found to be more effective than assignments though some students do not favor that. Except for checking attendance and to some extent checking emails, all other Blackboard related activities are never approached by the students. A considerable number of students and girls in particular, say they do not have access to Internet. As a result, E- learning is found not to make the English learning any better. The paper concludes by offering some recommendations and suggestions.

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