Attitudes of Jordanian Graduate Students towards Native and Non-Native English Language Teachers
Prof. (Dr) Bader Dweik, Ekram Al-Barghouthi

This study aimed at investigating the attitudes of Jordanian graduate students towards native and non-native English language teachers. It also aimed at finding out the reasons why Jordanian graduate students have such attitudes. The study raised these three questions. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers used a student’s questionnaire which was distributed to 100 participants who were chosen purposively. However, only 93 questionnaires were filled out and returned. Results of the study revealed that students believed that both native and non-native English language teachers had their advantages and disadvantages. Native English language teachers were preferred for teaching pronunciation, oral skills and culture while non-native English language teachers were preferred by Jordanian graduate students in teaching grammar and writing skills and they believed that teacher’s knowledge of the students’ language made the teachers more empathetic as they can use translation.

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