Instructional Improvement of Secondary School Teachers through Effective Academic Supervision by the Vice-Principals
Orenaiya Solomon Adewale

Academic supervision and teachers’ classroom instruction are two instructional activities which closely related with the intention of developing teachers to the required higher level of instructional competencies. Research questions and hypotheses were formulated to provide insight into the instructional improvement level of classroom teachers by the effective monitoring by the vice-principal. The role of vice-principal as instructional leaders is to influence the quality of secondary school education. The teachers’ improvement level will be evaluated in mastery of subject matter, teaching skills, and use of teaching resources. From the internal academic supervision, there are three levels namely; the upper level (principals/viceprincipals), middle level (head of departments) and the lower level (subject heads).From all indications, internal academic supervision is the sure best for improving the present quality and also maintaining higher standards because of its ease of access, cordial relationship to teachers for monitoring, correction and entrenchment of ideas and innovations. The implication of this paper is to be manifested in instructional practices which will facilitate students’ learning status to improve to higher level of academic achievement which we all desired by all stakeholders in education.

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