Role of Interdisciplinary Studies in Higher Education in India
Auditi Pramanik

In India, the scenario of higher education is continuously evolving with time. As a result, Indian higher education is facing the challenge of interdisciplinary educational approach. This article is an effort to make understand the role of interdisciplinary studies in higher education in India. This new approach of study has become an important and challenging technique in the modern educational system. As the disciplinary specialization restricts faculties from broadening their intellectual horizons, the new interdisciplinary nature of study in higher education has enabled the growth, expansion and stature as a discipline and field of academic inquiry in its own right. Moreover, this approach helps students to broaden their disciplinary perspective as well which, in future will enhance their compatibility for job opportunities. However, implementing the interdisciplinary studies in an institute is quite problematic, such as both lack of interest and expertise of faculties and researchers to do interdisciplinary studies, departmental infrastructure, problem of using technical language etc. create obstacle in the path of implementing interdisciplinary studies in higher education. Now-a-days, the government is taking initiation to promote interdisciplinary studies in higher educational system.

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