The Impact of Cooperative Reading E-Materials Adaptation on Reading Comprehension Performance of Iranian EFL Learners
Hanieh Davatgari Asl, Mojtaba Ghassemi, Alireza Madadi

With advent of eLearning, the scholars have been trying to revisit the teaching and learning methodology. Due to the features of e-learning, the early attempts were made to develop the e-content best suits the educational goals. Reading, due to its prominence in EFL/ESL classes, is of no exception. Adopting the traditional teaching strategies, the teachers can’t assure themselves that the reading course will be quite as effective in involving the learners as the traditional ones. The purpose of the present study was to probe if peer-cooperative reading e-materials adaptation has any effect on learners’ participation in online reading classes. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, 90 Iranian students who were studying at Noor Language Center, an independent center, which offers online courses as well as the chalk-andboard ones, were selected. The selection was on the basis their scores obtained in TOEFL (a language proficiency test). Then they were assigned randomly to three groups, one control and two experimental ones. Following sampling, they undertook a 20-session treatment. With a design of quasi-experimental pretest posttest, the findings showed that involving the students in the adaption process of reading e-materials improved their reading comprehension performance.

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