Girl Child Challenges and Academic Achievement in Mixed Secondary Schools
Lazarus Ndiku Makewa, Elizabeth Role, Winnie Muthoni Ngila

Challenges faced by girls in mixed secondary schools have been addressed by many researchers. However, disparities continue to prevail in secondary education with girls being more disadvantaged. This study, therefore, aimed at identifying if there was any relationship in girl child challenges and academic achievement in mixed secondary schools in Mbooni West District, Kenya. The study was based on Ruth Pearson’s gender relations theory and the human capital theory. Descriptivecomparative, correlation and cross section survey approach were employed. Cluster sampling was done to obtain the sample comprising 468 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires. The results indicate that the null hypothesis “there was no significant relationship between female teachers as role models as a challenge facing girls in mixed secondary schools and academic performance” is rejected, the study also observes that the perceptions of day scholars did not differ significantly with those of borders.

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