Determinant Factors Contributing to Student Choice in Selecting a University
Loren Agrey, Naltan Lampadan

Interested in discovering what factors influence students’ choice of university, the authors of this study review the various elements that go into decision-making vis-àvis university choice. A sample of 261 respondents from central Thailand contributed to the study. Initially, an interview questionnaire was developed based on a qualitative research approach, discussing with a smaller group of students what factors are important in making choices regarding their university of choice. From this information, a survey of 45 statements was developed and the survey was then completed by a cohort of additional students. All respondents were either highschool seniors or students who had just enrolled for the first time at the university of theirchoice. From this study, five factors emerged as being those that significantly influenced decision-making on which institution of higher learning to attend. These include support systems, both physical (e.g. bookstore, guidance/counselling office) and non-physical (scholarships, credit transferability, spiritual programming); secondly, learning environment (modern learning environment and facilities, reputation, beautiful campus, library and computer lab) and job prospects i.e. high rate of graduates being employed; thirdly having good sporting facilities; fourthly, a strong student life program (health care services, residential accommodation) and activities (wide range of extracurricular activities) and finally a safe and friendly environment (safe campus as well as supporting faculty). The study indicates that students use a variety of factors in making their final selection of university with the five listed above as the criteria making the greatest impact on choice.

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