A Perusal Analyses on Boko Haram Crisis in Northern Nigeria and Its Implication on Educational Psychology of School Children and Teachers
Adefolarin .A. Olamilekan

Enabling environment is an added advantage to learning process. While the serene environment that would have engender peaceful learning process for sometime now had eluded the educational development in Northern part of Nigeria, most especially in the North-East geo-political zone. This paper attempt to examine the Boko Haram crisis in Northern Nigeria and its implication on educational psychology of school children and teachers. The paper started with analysis of the Boko Haram Terrorist group history, ideology and time line of attacks. An explanation of educational psychology was also explored with its relevant to both school children and teacher. Finally, the paper concluded by examined the implication of the terrorist activities on educational psychology of the school children and teachers, and ending with some recommendation.

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