The Qualification Process for Career/Technical Education (CTE) Teachers: A New Conceptual Model
Thomas Wilkin, Gordon A. Welty

Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers are important contributors to the success of a growing number of students who chose to learn, work, and pursue a career in trade and technical areas. Career and Technical Education, formerly known as “Occupational Education” or “Vocational Education” has become an important factor in the education and training of a large segment of American youth. This article will briefly examine CTE with a focus on teacher preparation and training. A crucial facet of teacher preparation is ensuring that these teachers are qualified. The qualification process for these student teachers will be analyzed in terms of the model of successful qualification process used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. This new conceptual model facilitates improved program management as well as the dissemination of best practices. Findings and implications will be drawn for future action intended to improve and enhance the critical process of preparing highly qualified and competent CTE teachers.

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