Teacher Production at 4-Year Institutions: Differences Over Time in Students Taking the State Teacher Exam
Jenifer Johnson, John R. Slate, George W. Moore

The extent to which changes had occurred in the percentages of Black, White, and Hispanic students taking the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards from 4- year higher education institutions between the 2006 and the 2011 academic years in Texas was examined. Statistically significant results were revealed for Hispanictest takers (i.e., increased from 31% to 34%) and for White test takers (i.e., decreased from 62% to 58%). Statistically significant results were not present for Black test takers (i.e., 15% in 2006 to 16% in 2011).Minimal changes in diversity are occurring in the percentages of individuals taking the teacher test in Texas, despite substantial changes in student diversity.Implications of these findings and suggestions forfurther research are discussed.

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