The Use of Online Typing Programs In Combination with Public Posting with and without Consequences to Increase the Typing Fluency and Accuracy for Seven High School Students with Severe Behavior Disorders
Danielle L. Troup, T. F. McLaughlin, Jen Neyman, Heidi Schuler

The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the effects of public posting with and without consequences on keyboarding. This was evaluated in an ABCAD single case design. The participants were seven high school students with severe behavior disorders The final consequence music was chosen by the participants and added to the awarding of candy.. The behavior measured the number of correct and error characters typed. These data were taken in a selfcontained classroom using the computers already present in the classroom. Increases in student performance were found when public posting was employed. Larger increases were found when consequences were added as an additional incentive. When the class was allowed to choose their consequence, additional improvement in keyboarding was found. Three of the participants did not decrease their performance when a return to baseline was employed. The benefits of increasing keyboarding were noted. The procedures were easy to implement and evaluate in the classroom.

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