The Effect of Illegal Mining on School Attendance and Academic Performance of Junior High School Students in Upper Denkyira West District of Ghana
Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, MA

This study assessed the effect of illegal mining on school attendance and academic performance of junior high school students in the Upper Denkyira West District of Ghana. Descriptive survey was used for this study and research instruments used were questionnaire and interview. Thirty teachers and 150 students making 180 respondents were used for the study. Stratified random technique was used to select the five schools in the district and the respondents were selected through simple random sampling technique. Findings of study has revealed that indeed illegal mining activities partake by students do have negative effect on school attendance and academic performance and it was established that students who come to school regularly perform tremendously while the absenteeism students perform poorly . The study recommended the implementation of the New Educational Reform and Free- Compulsory Universal Basic Education, parents teachers must educate their wards and students on the importance of education and Parents must be made aware that it is their responsibility to bear the cost of their children’s needs.

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