Relationship between Parenting Styles and Tendency to Bullying Behaviour among Adolescents
Anthony Efobi, Chinyelu Nwokolo, Ph.D.

This study assessed the relationship between parenting styles and tendency to bullying behaviour among adolescents in Awka, Nigeria. The design for the study was correlational survey. The sample for the study was 1000 senior secondary students selected through simple random and disproportionate stratified random sampling techniques. Three research questions guided the study. Two questionnaires termed ‘Modified Parenting Style Questionnaire’ (MPSQ) and ‘Adolescents Tendency to Bullying Questionnaire’ (ATBQ) were used for data collection. Mean and Pearson r were used for analyses of data. The findings of the study showed that authoritative parenting style is more common among parents than other methods of parenting. In addition, the study indicated that there is a moderate tendency to bullying among adolescents. Also the study revealed that there is a moderate positive relationship between parenting style and adolescents’ tendency to bullying behaviour. Based on the findings, recommendations were made including that parents should be encouraged to adopt the best parenting practices in the upbringing of their children because it has been proven that authoritative parenting style is the method that yields the best result in child upbringing.

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