The Dental Information Management System: Its Implications to Policy Formulation for Dental Education
Arlene N. Baratang, PhD

This study deals with the development of dental information management system for dentistry students by acquiring the basic knowledge and skills that they may use in clinical practice. Applying Schank’s and his associates’ theory on goal-based scenarios which is a learn-by-doing simulation approach, the researcher designed a course with different scenarios ended with a dental information management system as a final output. Respondents who assessed the course include computer faculty members, dentistry graduates and undergraduates. The top five basic knowledge skills in designing dental information management system were identified while all the scenarios in building database were perceived as much needed in the course. As a result, formulation of policy was proposed for domains that include basic knowledge and skills; practice management and patient care, and; professional development. All the respondents conform that the eight scenarios are important in designing dental information management system. The proposed policies do expand the use of computer applications and technology toward competency-based dental education programs.

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