Successful Elementary School Based Counseling in a Large Metropolitan Area
Thierry Kolpin, Ph.D

A private community-based, nonprofit, mental health agency developed a school counseling program that helped to strengthen the capacities of youth to navigate developmental milestones and learn the skills needed to make positive choices. The program was designed to promote healthy growth and development, increase problem solving abilities, promote student achievement, and decrease high-risk behaviors. The agency trained psychology pre-doctoral interns, marriage and family therapist interns, social work interns, and licensed professional clinical counselor interns under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, to work in local public schools. The counselors provided individual and group counseling and psycho-educational services to students referred to counseling by teachers, parents, or administration. This study examined archival data collected from the 2012-2013 academic year from over 10 elementary schools. The results indicated statistically significant differences on all measures of the Strengths and Difficulties Self-Report Questionnaire between pre assessment and post assessment scores for students receiving the counseling. Additionally a small control group provided further evidence of program success.

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