Learning Communities for teacher research: Experiences of the GdS and GETEMAT
Maria Cândida Müller, PhD; Dione Lucchesi de Carvalho, PhD

This paper presents some reflections on different conceptions of teacher knowledge and learning according to Cochran - Smith and Lytle. We sought to characterize the knowledge produced in two learning communities of teachers: GdS (Saturday’s Group) and GETEMAT (Group of Studies and Pedagogical Work of Teaching Mathematics). The sources of information were books and academic theses produced by GdS throughout its existence, the observations of GdS meetings held in 2012. In addition to data collected during the development of the research project that led to the GETEMAT. The study highlights the different types of learning and knowledge produced in each group and emphasizes the differences and points of convergence in the constitution of these communities. The results indicate that both groups are learning communities of teachers who produce knowledge of the practice from the reflections on their experiences in the classroom. Each group has its development marked by historical and cultural diversity of cities, universities and school environments in which they live. The experiences of GdS and GETEMAT point to the importance of collaborative groups to problematize the process of mathematics learning and teaching.

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