A Bibliometrics Study on E-Learning Literature of Nigeria
Yahya Ibrahim Harande, Binta Faruk Ladan

The purpose of the study is to explore on the growth and development of e-learning literature in Nigeria; 1964-2008.Bibliometrics study was conducted on the literature of elearning in Nigeria. A number of journal articles were compiled from ERIC database; the terms, “e-learning” AND “Nigeria” were considered as the terms for the search on the database. Bradford`s law of scattering was also applied to the data collected for the study. It was an attempt to undertake a study of e-learning (in Nigeria) which is considered a non- traditional learning system. This study will hopefully serve as an avenue for people to know the present condition and status of e-learning in Nigeria and a similar study in another country or subject area could be conducted using similar methods. A clue is also given for those who may want to conduct an in-depth bibliometrics study in the literature of e-learning. On the growth of the literature, it started very slowly from 1964 and gradually increasing through the period of the study until the year 2001 onwards when the literature experienced high speed and exponential growth. The study also found that, the literature of e-learning in Nigeria is in harmony with the Bradford`s law of distribution and scattering of articles. Core journals were determined as a result of the spread of the literature. The findings generally show that the literature is receiving attention from the scholars and researchers in the country. It will assist in the selection of relevant materials for teachers, lecturers, researchers, libraries and Information centers.

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