How to Develop a Professional Police Officer?
Antanas JanuĊĦauskas

Police officers must be professional in order to do their tasks professionally. Professional police officer manages to deputize for public interest without damaging his/her own inner interests and to seek purposely for common wellbeing. Policemen also feel the responsibility because they do not offend against legal norms, regulating their activity. Overall, more highly educated policemen rated themselves higher in their responsibility to deal with criticism, change, workload, and stress. The article strives to disclose the higher police education at the Faculty of Public Security Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. Higher education can best assist police, in their great social work, by working with them to design, develop, deliver and evaluate full-fledged philosophies of police education. In management education in particular, this relies on the development, or at least the articulation, of normative and interrelated models of society and its police, and on the identification of empirically justifiable dispositions for practice and methods for teaching.

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