Teaching Personality as a Necessary Construct for the Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning in Schools: An Implication for Teacher Development in the Era of Globalisation
Orenaiya Solomon Adewale

Teaching- learning is a tool for acquisition,diagnosing, exploring, evaluating, sustaining and improving the state of any phenomenon. Teaching and learning is a common and widely used terminology of the school settings. Since teaching is the foundation of human existence and continuous interaction till the end of human existence and that educational attainment and Nation’s growth is measured by the quality of a nation’s formal education. Whatever the products and processing at this level of education will be transmitted because no country’s educational system can rise above the level and development of their teachers.The necessary teaching personality for effective teaching must be identified and packaged and developed for teachers so as to be relevant and efficient. This paper is a roadmap and clarion call on the department of teacher development in the concerned agencies to develop the present crop of teachers at any level of education on these sub-constructs in mastery of knowledge, behavior, and communication for effective teaching in the classroom.

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