Special Education Students in a General Education Classroom: Texas Educators’ Perspectives
Kathleen M. Everling

This mixed methods study examined the attitudes, confidence and beliefs of teachers in relationship to working with special education students. In order to be successful, educators need to have confidence in their teaching ability. Confidence, attitudes and beliefs can be impacted through experience and professional development. Teachers’ confidence in working with different categories of disabilities was assessed. Educators also reported on the amount of annual professional development they received in special education and their areas of continuing need. Both teachers’ confidence and their professional development were analyzed quantitatively. Open-ended, qualitative questions revealed the educators concerns about special education students in the general education stetting. Educators believed that special education students should be in the general education classrooms, but they also indicated that they needed additional training and support to be successful. The purpose of this study, therefore, was to examine educators’ beliefs and needs related to special education students in general education settings.

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